• A healthy scalp needs a constant supply of blood circulation.
  • Hair follicles with constant supply of blood will remain healthy and active.
  • A poorly treated scalp can lead to dandruff, itchiness.

  • General tensions and stress can inhibit blood flow to your head causing headaches, eye strain,

poor concentration, hair loss, depression and other symptoms.

  • Your eyes will relax and look brighter and regular massage will ensure strong, shiny hair by

releasing tension in the scalp and alleviate anxiety and depression.

  • This scalp massages helps to redistribute your own special scalp oil, sebum to protect and

nourish your scalp and fight dryness and flaking.

  • By redirecting blood flow to needy areas, scalp massages can help fill in thinning areas

or speed up hair growth.

  • If you are experiencing thinning of hair in certain area or just want to help nourish, scalp

massaging is right for you.

  • The beauty of giving or receiving a scalp massage can be done at home or at work with

 or without the use of essential oils.


The major benefits are:




  • The massage oil used during the scalp massage helps to lubricate the scalp which may be

beneficial for dry hair and scalp.

  • In addition, the kneading motions used in the massage treatment can be quite relaxing because

 of the many nerve endings located in the scalp.

  • There are number pressure points on the head.
  • There are specific areas that can be stimulated to achieve pain relief by simply applying gentle.

pressure with the thumbs.

  • A well executed scalp massage is beneficial to any healthy hair care regimen.
  • It is best to do scalp massages with essential oils before wash. This keeps your scalp clean

 and clog free.

  • Essential oils provide a tingle for your scalp that will help increase the blood circulation.


  • Unfortunately, there is no evidence that scalp massage works for treatment of thinning

 or slow growing hair.

  • Although the kneading motions of the massage may stimulate blood flow to the scalp and help

tonourish it, but its effect on hair growth has never been proven.

  • This is because the scalp massage reduce stress, it could have some effect on the rate of hair

growth by reducing level of stress hormones such as cortisol.

  • Stress and elevated cortisol levels have been associated with hair loss in some people.

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