• Nail polish of your choice (any light color)

  • Top coat

  • Printed papers/Newspapers/Magazine papers

  • Tap water

  • Scissors


  • Just tap water is enough for this nail art.

  • There is no need of any alcohol/ethanol/something else.

  • I have used printed papers for this art.

  • You can also use newspapers, magazines etc.

  • Not only letters, everything that is present on paper is printed on your nails.


  • After trying this some people may complain that it is not working on their nails.

  • The reason behind this is some papers are printed with oil based inks.

  • Papers printed with water based  inks are best suited for this nail art.


  • Use any light color of your choice to paint your nails.

  • The main reason for choosing light colors is the letters on your nail will be not that elegant

if you go for dark colors.

  • Paint your nails with  nail paint of your choice.

  • See that nail color is painted evenly.

  • Next, cut the papers into required sizes.

  • Dip the paper pieces into water bowl.


See that your nail paint is not completely dry before you use paper on your nail.

  • Now, take paper from bowl and pamper it on your nail.

  • Before pampering it on your nail, check the direction of the letters you need on your nails.

  • Next, apply some pressure/press evenly with your fingers on your nail for about 7-8 seconds

  • After it is done, remove the paper slowly from your nail.

  • Now, remove the extras using ear bud/with your finger itself.

  • Repeat the same process for the remaining nails.

  • After all nails are done, apply top coat to your nails.

  • Applying top coat helps to keep nail art for more days and gives shiny look.


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